Livita with Honey

Dah dekat pukul 4. Pandang kiri kanan. Bukak blog.
Mata mula layu akibat makan tengahari nasi lemak yang disedekahkan oleh opismate.
Isi tenaga dengan LIVITA with HONEY dulu.
Malam ini mahu bersekang mata.
Mahu bikin Apam Polka Dot 300 bijik.
Ampun bos..curik tulang jap….(^__^) 
Who should drink Livita Honey?
Livita Honey enriched with vitamins and honey gives you the extra flavour, it is a delicious energy-giving drink. Whether a top notch professional or the world cup football player – Livita gives you the extra drop of energy, which you require in the break.
Why should I drink Livita Honey?


As you are exposed to pollutants and chemical on a daily basis, Livita brings you that additional antioxidants to fight against the oxidation and aging, to neutralize the ill effect caused by the environment, even before they damage your body. The innovative mix of many of the best and healthiest antioxidants with a dollop of 1000 mg taurine, Livita, play an important role to guard your heart including regulation of cholesterol level, while sustaining your energy level at the pick.

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